Welcome to Sploosh, a game where your only job is to explore! Play as a Scuba Diving Guinea Pig and explore the depths of the ocean, and beyond


- A super cute, Scuba Diving Guinea Pig

- Completely Hand-Drawn Art

- Many, many jellyfish

- Did I mention jellyfish?

Changelog (patch 1):

- Some sprites were not the same color as the background

- There were some minor graphical glitches that resulted in certain parts of sprites being cut off. Tight vs. full-rect is wierd!!!

- Repositioned two background elements to make them more visible

Note: Scuba-Diving-Guinea-Pig® and jellyfish® are registered trademarks of the...you aren't actually taking this seriously, are you?


Sploosh_Widnows.zip 27 MB
Sploosh_Mac.zip 45 MB
Sploosh_Linux.zip 50 MB

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